Upcoming Agile Vancouver Events

I just registered for Agile Vancouver’s Agile 101 workshop next Saturday, Oct 16. I’ve had some experience with Agile when I worked for Lasso Data Systems but I’m looking forward to going through another “boot camp” to see how things work in other companies.

The following Monday, Agile Vancouver is having a talk, Estimating, The Sociological Effects in a Group and I’ll be there too. Estimating is a tricky business and I don’t feel I have it 100% right yet.

My copy of The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software is finally being shipped by Chapters. I should have it before the Agile 101 workshop. I always like to get ideas from a couple of sources so I can compare them and take the best parts of each.

So talk to me in a week — I’ll be an Agile expert, haha.

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